Time is now. It’s now or never.

FR. John MURRAY, Member of the Order of St Augustine,

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Back in February, a friend needed somewhere to leave his bags while he went home to New Zealand for six weeks, then returning back to settle down in blissful retirement.  Well, we know what happened.  New Zealand went into strict lockdown in March and he was not able to return as planned.  Only now is he able to collect his bags and start his next stage in life.  Pandemic or no pandemic, life continues.  People make choices.  People have to move on and do so as they can.


Time is here

I enter my office early in the morning and what greets me?  My co-workers know how much I love Christmas and they have surprised me by putting up five stars, telling me that Christmas is here.  The message is loud and clear. We need a little Christmas and we need it now.  
“For (maybe) I’ve grown a little leaner, grown a little colder
Grown a little sadder, grown a little older 
And I need a little angel sitting on my shoulder 
Need a little Christmas now.     
For we need a little music, need a little laughter,
Need a little singing Ringing through the rafter 
And we need a little snappy, happy ever after 
We need a little Christmas now!”


Pandemic or no pandemic, Christmas is coming.  Watch out!  I have a joke with a friend that for Christmas, I will get him a cactus to remind him of a prickly situation in life.  I discovered that it is not easy to find where to buy a cactus.  I look and look, determined to find one.  Then in an unexpected place and at an unexpected time, I discover cacti staring me in the face and I ask – Could I have a cactus?  So I am kindly given one and here is his cactus for Christmas.  This is a sure sign for me that Christmas will come, no matter what.

Christmas is here

The pandemic has become a great teacher, not a great threat, to our world.  It is teaching us much about life, about how to look after ourselves, how to treat others decently, and how to look after our planet.  Truly, a joy to the world.  All remains possible if we but believe.  


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