The​ Geronimo and​ Veigas families​ presented​ their​ children​ for​ baptism​ on​ Sunday​ 12th December.​

We​ wish​ these​ families​ every​ blessing​ as​ we​ all​ journey​ together​ in​ faith.​


Hers is a story out of this pandemic. Ekaterina is Russian, and for more than 30 years went to the Catholic Church but due to the difficult situation in Russia, she was never baptized.

Coming Home From Emmaus – Timothy Radcliffe, OP

MANY CATHOLICS are deeply scandalised by the Church’s complicity in the sexual abuse scandal. Young people feel the Church is out of touch, against women, against gay people. They want out.

There is a story about a similar moment of disillusionment. It is our story too. Two disciples flee to Emmaus just after Easter. They had hoped that Jesus would be the one to redeem Israel, but he had failed. There were reports from women, who were saying that Jesus had risen from the dead, but this was dismissed as “an idle tale” (Luke 24.11). They are only women! The disciples have lost faith and are ditching the community in Jerusalem. They have given up. They are just like many disillusioned young Catholics whom the Church wishes to reach today. (more…)

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