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Called, out of this pandemic


Hers is a story out of this pandemic. Ekaterina is Russian, and for more than 30 years went to the Catholic Church but due to the difficult situation in Russia, she was never baptized. It remained on her mind and became a strong desire, until recently at our Cathedral in Bangkok.

Ekaterina moved to Bangkok 4 years ago, but she never discovered our Cathedral until last year. Wandering the sois of Charoenkrung during the lockdown, Ekaterina stumbled upon our Cathedral. The doors were locked. There were no public masses then. But a feeling unlocked in her. Ekaterina felt the call of God. She recalls, “It was a miracle! God showed me the way to his church”. When public masses resumed Ekaterina came every Sunday till one Sunday…

“One Sunday after mass a little baby was baptized. I stayed and watched. Then I noticed a man who I thought I had previously seen in my life. Searching my memory, I was sure I saw him in the Catholic cathedral in Moscow many years ago. That moment, I was prompted by my great desire to ask him about baptism”.

That man was Robert who then introduced Ekaterina to Father John, who prepared her for baptism. On Sunday 10 January, her spiritual wandering led her sacramentally into the Catholic Church. Ekaterina was baptized Elizabeth, Robert became her godfather. Elizabeth says, “My dream has come true”.

Looking back, God placed a face to Ekaterina in Moscow, a face who she will later see again in Bangkok. Two separate occasions in two different cities, time and miles apart, but linked to echo God’s call to her. Yes, in her own personal experience, truly a miracle.

Curious fact: Elizabeth the mother of St John the Baptist. Ekaterina was baptized Elizabeth by Fr. John on the day the Church celebrated the Baptism of our Lord.


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